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Texting and other phone related distractions while driving, especially amongst our youth is creating stats that are becoming far too alarming. An average of 11 teens are killed each day due to phone distracted driving. Text Guardian addresses this problem very aggressively. It is our full intent to save lives.

With Text guardian in use, It is virtually impossible to be in a phone distraction crash. We have addressed all the short comings of similar apps.

When installed on a teen’s phone and the parent enables password notifications, the teen cannot turn it off. It is completely automatic from that point on. If the teen tries to turn it off or delete the app, the parent receives an immediate text that lets them know.

911 and other unblocked contacts (set up by the parent) can always be called and the phone can always receive calls from unblocked contacts.

When teen does receive a call or text from other numbers while driving at parent selected speed, the sender will receive a text that reads, “Text Guardian in use at this time, I will text you when it is safe to do so.”

Anyone can use the app. A parent can use the app voluntarily by simply turning the app on or off. It is recommended to leave app on for best protection. When the teen will be a known passenger in a car, the parent can turn app off temporarily. Google maps and navigation is also always accessible by the user.


. Calls in progress will be terminated once car is traveling at selected speed.

. Parent will be notified if teen tries to over ride or delete app.

玩交通運輸App|Text Guardian免費|APP試玩

. App is non voluntary for teens. Parent sets it up with a password.

. On the parents phone, app can be turned on and off as needed.

玩交通運輸App|Text Guardian免費|APP試玩

. App disables all other apps except Google maps.

. 911 is always available.

玩交通運輸App|Text Guardian免費|APP試玩

. Parent can enter unblocked numbers that parent chooses.

. App can be turned off when teen will be a known passenger.

玩交通運輸App|Text Guardian免費|APP試玩

. Parent can select activation speed of the app. 15 or 20 mph

. A two minute idle delay time has been set on the app. This will prevent teens from trying to make calls at red lights.

The developers of Text Guardian strongly recommend parents to also download the “lgnore No More” app to use in conjunction with our app. The reason for this recommendation is, if your teen does delete or over ride Text Guardian, the parent can use “Ignore No More” to lock the teens phone until Text Guardian is reinstalled.

玩交通運輸App|Text Guardian免費|APP試玩

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