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玩交通運輸App|Thailand Map免費|APP試玩

Thailand Map is a professional Car, Bike, Pedestrian and Subway navigation system.This app will help you determine your location,guide you to destination,plan your subway route,find nearby businesses and restaurants when you travel or live in Thailand.It work completely offline that can save your money on data roaming cost.We spend several years to develop it. Now it is available on iPhone and iPad.

Key Features:

* Offer all cities' offline street map and subway maps in this country.

* Turn by turn GPS navigation make your phone to an advanced GPS device.

玩交通運輸App|Thailand Map免費|APP試玩

* Completely offline work can make you save money on data roaming cost.

* Intelligent subway navigation system.

* Offer vector map so that you can zoom at any level.

* Offer offline route navigation.

玩交通運輸App|Thailand Map免費|APP試玩

* Using animation to show navigation route.

* The only map app offer street names using both local language and english language.

* Switchable 2D/3D map display.

玩交通運輸App|Thailand Map免費|APP試玩

* Offer cool compass function.

* Strong offline address database and a online database as a compensation.

* Smart navigation arrow can help you find directions easily.

* Support car, bike, walk, truck and horse navigation.

玩交通運輸App|Thailand Map免費|APP試玩

* Offer hotel reservation for hotels all over the world.

玩交通運輸App|Thailand Map免費|APP試玩

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