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玩教育App|The Alphabet for Children免費|APP試玩

The only alphabet app for children on Google play designed by teachers and educators! This app has been designed by educators who work with children in their early years. Focussing on the formation of lower case letters this app allows children young and old to work on the formation of letters. The formation of lower case letters is the first steps in helping kids with their handwriting and letter formation and this app focuses solely on lower case letters, the only app on Google play to do so. Presented in the order of letters taught at primary school, this app is a genuine attempt by teachers to help kids with their alphabet. The app uses a simple interface for kids of all ages to understand, a simple forward arrow to go through letters forward, a back arrow and a wipe button so that users can practise their letters over and over again in an ink colour of their choice. Using simple yellow templates on a blue background helps children with specific needs such as ADHD and Dyslexia to see and form letters easily. Yellow and blue have been used in the classroom by the best teachers for years but is only now being utilised in an app for Children. The alphabet for children will not only help kids with their alphabet but engage and stimulate them.

玩教育App|The Alphabet for Children免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|The Alphabet for Children免費|APP試玩

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