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Mad Promotions Ireland welcomes you to The Ardlea Inn, Dublin.

Where there is always something to do, wether you are looking for that quiet drink during the week, a flutter on the races or a bit of live music (Upstairs on Saturday Nights).

On Sundays we have a singalong with our resident singers, the perfect way to finish your week!

Keep an eye on our drink promotions, as they change regularly!!

The Ardlea Inn your home away from home.

玩商業App|The Ardlea Inn免費|APP試玩


- GPS coordinates, Direct Call and E-mail

- Events

- Photo Gallery and Photo Submit

- GPS Based Coupons that can get you fantastic free prizes!

玩商業App|The Ardlea Inn免費|APP試玩

- Social Media Links

- Jukebox system for our Online Radiostation

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