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Depression is a serious medical condition that affects up to one in eight people.

It is chemical in nature, NOT a sign of personal weakness - it is not all in your head!

The Depression Predictor was created by a doctor to help those grappling with Depression – in themselves or loved ones – become more aware of its signs and symptoms. This app is intended for information purposes only and not intended as a substitute for professional help. You use this app to learn more about the disease of Depression and then come closer to understanding if you or a loved one might be suffering from it.

The Depression Predictor uses a collection of questions about life situations, that when put together, have the ability to predict if and how depressed someone might be. These questions have been validated with research in many publications in peer review journals. The goal is to indicate if someone might be depressed and how much so to then provide education and options available.

It also explores the factors in life known to be associated with future risk of depression. From this analysis, people learn of what in their life places them at risk. People use this app in private to learn more about something a lot of people wonder about.


玩醫療App|The Depression Predictor免費|APP試玩

* Depression Questionnaire

玩醫療App|The Depression Predictor免費|APP試玩

* Present Depression Risk calculator

玩醫療App|The Depression Predictor免費|APP試玩

* Future Depression Risk Calculator

玩醫療App|The Depression Predictor免費|APP試玩

* Articles explaining the signs and symptoms of Depression

This app is designed to help people learn the signs and symptoms of a common disease that afflicts millions of people every year. Through education and understanding we hope to break down the common myths of depression:

It is not all in your head!

You cannot just wish it away!

It is not an attitude problem!

Know that it is a chemical disease much like many other diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatitis and thyroiditis.

The Doctor Says Inc. wants people to be generally be safer because they know more.

玩醫療App|The Depression Predictor免費|APP試玩

玩醫療App|The Depression Predictor免費|APP試玩

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