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玩工具App|The Gesture Force免費|APP試玩

This app is designed to provide some gesture based control for all phones. Some phones may have some of these features already present but this app provides more options. If you do have both, disable one as it may cause some interference.

The current features are:

* Flip to silence

玩工具App|The Gesture Force免費|APP試玩

* Flip for speaker (With options to set speaker/earpiece volume)

* Pick up to answer (Experimental)

Flip meaning place upside down (Whether on your hand, in the air or on the table)

The last feature may not work equally well on all devices so please don't consider it while rating the app. If you are having any problems or if you would like to help improve some of the features offerd by this app for your device, please mail me and if you can, send me a logcat. Thanks.

Permissions Required:

READ_PHONE_STATE - Needed to answer and silence call

MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - Needed to change volume and switch to speaker

This app is open source and the code can be found at

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