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The Indian Panorama provides Global News for Indians, Americans, NRI's & Humans with content ranging from Latest Breaking News from India, East Coast, West Coast, Central America & around the World; highlighting Headlines, Politics, Indian-Americans, NRI's, Cricket, Sports, Business, Bollywood, Entertainment, Science and Editorials from leading columnists.

The Indian Panorama is a New York based weekly newspaper. A vision of Prof. Indrajit Singh Saluja, who has been in to Punjabi and English journalism since 1996, the newspaper was launched in New York in 2006.

Currently, the paper is distributed in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and also in Atlanta, Washington Metro area, Dallas, Sacramento and Seattle. Besides, the newspaper is available to readers all over the world on the website

玩新聞App|The Indian Panorama免費|APP試玩

The online visitor stats in August, 2013 stood at close to a million, as per

玩新聞App|The Indian Panorama免費|APP試玩

The Indian Panorama has rapidly come to occupy a central place for all the news and happenings that are pertinent to the existence of the South Asian community in this multicultural, multireligious contemporary American society.

What is most comforting about the Newspaper is that while it reaches out across the country and adheres to new-age technologies, it does not leave behind the sense of closeness of family and deep traditional values that is so inalienable to South Asian culture.

The editor, Prof. Indrajit S. Saluja is gifted with a superb sense of the South Asian community and its growing place in the complex mosaic of contemporary American society.

玩新聞App|The Indian Panorama免費|APP試玩

The newspaper as also Prof. Indrajit S. Saluja have been appreciated, commended and awarded by many institutions, organizations and individuals.

玩新聞App|The Indian Panorama免費|APP試玩

Prof. Saluja is a multifaceted personality who writes in three major languages-English, Hindi and Punjabi- and has published, besides the usual journalistic work that he does, a number of poems and articles in respectable newspapers and journals in both India and USA. He has also been hosting talk shows on major South Asian TV channels. He is a widely travelled man who has been invited to speak at various conferences across the world.

Regarded as one of the most potent voices in the Indian ethnic publication market in the United States, The Indian Panorama is widely circulated in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the United States, with selective circulation in Dallas, Atlanta, Sacramento and Seattle. The online readership of the paper crossed the half million mark in the month of June, 2013.

玩新聞App|The Indian Panorama免費|APP試玩

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