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玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

Jump on parachutes and get scores.

The Jumper Boy is an addictive game that will bring you to the fun of world of jumping. See how high you can jump; It requires a concentration and it is not that easy!


The player is moved horizontally with swipe.

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

Bounce off the platforms to go higher.

Collect power ups for boost

Don’t fall down.

The Jumper Boy like a boss! Race through the world with the main character, Bob, to complete each new level by jumping from one platform to another. Collect widgets like red balloons, mystery and hidden objects to archive high scores and gain power up objects motivating you through each level.

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

Help Bob cruse faster, higher, and stronger than Bob ever has before with modern styles like to bring you a thrilling new and an unparalleled gaming experience. Bonus if you find the mythical character Nacho the Donkey!

Game Features:The Jumper Boy

-Fun - User friendly interface

-Three modes with great graphics

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

-All ages gaming

-Many scenes and levels

-Amazing platform jumping

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

-Professionally designed game

-Intuitive controls using phone motion sensor

-Free In Google Play, premium in the Amazon Store

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

-like Super Minion Jumper is an Arcade Jumping Game.

-How high can you Jump?

-Jump as high as you can.

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

-If you're lucky you might also get one or two parachutes, or a super trampoline jump!

-Just tilt left or right to move the Blob.

-Google Play Leaderboard

This is a jumping app.Try to jump with Jumper from level to level, grabbing every coin and power up on the way up.

玩街機App|The Jumper Boy免費|APP試玩

Jump as high as you can jump with the jumper character. If you're lucky you might also get one or two rocket rides, or a super trampoline jump! Just avoid touching the black bombs, they're lethal.

Just tilt left or right to move the Blob.

Don't forget to share your scores!

The Jumper Boy

Play in one of three exciting modes: adventure, challenge, and kids play. Each mode is uniquely designed to offer game play based on difficulty. This all age game is so fun, it will have everyone jumping through the clouds to score and complete levels with mad skills. You will have to move as quick as a bunny to grab all of the power ups, balloons, and mystery items in the game. Can you handle these challenging worlds? A fan of Mario or Bunny Skater, you will feel right at home in Super Jump World. Jake needs your help, things are about to get crazy in Super Jump World! Has anyone seen Jake legendary donkey? His name is Nacho the Donkey. If you see him let us know. No one can seem to find him!

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