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The Pointe Church is a modern church featuring contemporary music and relevant Biblical teaching. Our focus is to keep things simple, not changing the message of Jesus and the Gospel but the mode in which it is delivered. The Pointe has been defined by a casual atmosphere with simple yet passionate worship where anyone can feel comfortable and accepted, no matter their current life circumstances and struggles because as we say at The Pointe, “its Ok not to be Ok.”

Use our app to:

- Send in prayer requests

- Post to our prayer wall

玩生活App|The Pointe Church免費|APP試玩

- Learn about our ministries

- Tell your testimony

玩生活App|The Pointe Church免費|APP試玩

- Watch our services

- Check out events

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- Connect with us via social media

- Submit photos

玩生活App|The Pointe Church免費|APP試玩

- and more!

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