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Welcome to <> App, an innovative App for all things related to the Quran. This is the first App of its kind to provide a unique interpretation of the Quran unclouded by the myths and legends that surround Islamic heritage. <> App is perfect for anyone with the desire to study the Quran beyond the boundaries drawn by interpreters who are unwilling to contradict traditional Islamic teaching and refused to subject the Quran to literary and scientific critique, either due to their Islamic faith or weakness in understanding the Arabic language of the Quran.

At the <> App you can:

• Examine many of the historical variant readings of the Quran

• Read The Quran more clearly and accurately

玩書籍App| Full Version免費|APP試玩

• See abrogated verses alongside explanations within the text.

• Learn more about the history of the Quran.

• Examine the current sequence of the Quranic chapters in comparison to other historical codices.

玩書籍App| Full Version免費|APP試玩

• Research many of the grammatical, historical, and scientific errors in the Quran.

• Examine a variety of internal contradictions within the Quran.

• Enrich your knowledge concerning the teaching of the Quran in areas such as; status of women; treatment of people of other faith; Jihad; and much more.

玩書籍App| Full Version免費|APP試玩

Plus, you will find many beneficial articles, resources and links to material that will increase your understanding of the Quran. Our goal is to make the Quran more easily accessible and understood while basing all commentary on authoritative Islamic sources.

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