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The official App for the Thinking Digital conference, real-time updated full schedule across the 3 day event. Thinking Digital Masterclasses, real-time speakers schedule with now and next feature to keep you up to date with talks and event locations. Connect with speakers and delegates using twitter. Grab the app and keep up to date throughout the event.

Thinking digital is a three-day event drawing together exceptional talent from the worlds of technology, media, science, industry and the arts. We attract speakers from around the world to come to Gateshead to share their wisdom and experiences to encourage us all to pursue our passions and dreams. Importantly our Thinkers leave each year with a greater sense of connection to their passions and insight into the world around us.

Today, we attract a global following with nearly 1000 participants in the Thinking Digital community with the annual event being the centre-piece for a flourishing network of people who work within the digital and creative sectors. We feel genuinely blessed to see the same people coming back each year.

The intimate setting and informality of the conference is often one of the most commented on pieces of feedback we receive and which really helps to open up the networking of ideas and business opportunities.

玩教育App|Thinking Digital免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Thinking Digital免費|APP試玩

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