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Umapathi Sivam after composing Sivapragasam; wrote Thiruvarutpayan to give a better understanding to Sivapragasam. Scholars used to comment that while Sivapragasam is a ship meant to sail across the seas of birth, the Thiruvarutpayan is the navigator of the ship. One should have the knowledge of Thiruvarutpayan for having better understanding of Sivapragasam.


Umapathi Sivam composed this work in ‘Kural Venbas’ form, the method used by Thiruvalluvar in Thirukkural. The Thiruvarutpayan contains ten chapters or ‘Adhikaram’ and each having ten couplets, thus forming a hundred kural verses in total.

It is a difficult task to compose a highly philosophical content in a very short form of couplet. However this great saint has done the job in an excellent way. The special preface of this work mentionds:

The inner idea of the famous Sivanganabodham,


The extention of the bright idea of Sivangana Siddhiar,


Having in mind the endless miseries of the people


Dwelling in dry terrain with bewilderment like myself,


He composed this work out of great love.

It is also said that Thiruvarutpayan had stood as companion to Thiruvalluvar’s work. Among the 14 Sastras, Thiruvarutpayan has secured the eighth place and those who learn Saiva Siddhantha should first learn Unmai Vilakkam and proceed to Thiruvarutpayan.

The first five chapters of the ten tells us the nature of the grace of the Almighty and the second five tells us the way of getting the grace.

1- PATHI MUDHUNILAI – The Supreme State of Almighty

2- UYIRAVAI NILAI – The State of Numerous Souls

3- IRULMALA NILAI – The State of Darkening by Ego

4- ARULATHU NILAI – The State of Grace

5- ARUL URU NILAI – The State of the Form of the Grace of Almighty

6- ARIYUM NERI – The Method of Acquiring the Grace

7- UYIRIN VILAKKAM – The Description of the Soul

8- INBURU NILAI – The Method of Soul Attaining Eternal Bliss

9- AINTHELUTTHU ARUL NILAI – The Method of The Five Letter Mantra

10- ANAINTHOR THANMAI – The Emancipated Souls Way of Life.

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