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Guess a right dot and tap on it to step next!

Also remember the sequence which can help you go further when you retry.

How to play:

玩休閒App|Three Dots免費|APP試玩

- Step 1: Guess a right dot in 3 dots (Red, Green, Blue). Assume that you choose Red. Great!

- Step 2: Assume that you choose Red again. Great!

玩休閒App|Three Dots免費|APP試玩

- Step 3: You choose Blue.

- Step 4: You're thinking you have had Red 2 times and a Blue, so this time you choose Green. Poor you! Hmm, it's wrong. GAME OVER!

Let's retry the game, and remember that you have had a sequence: Red - Red - Blue, and don't choose the Green when you reach step 4 again.

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