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Stop wasting your time during making projects! Improve your timemanagment! Set and accomplish your goals with new unique projecting tool - TimeTrace.

TimeTrace helps you to plan out your dissertations, projects and lifetime goals.

With TimeTrace you can create time plans in form of timelines. Just set start and deadline date of yout project, choose your goals, create milestones and track you progress.

TimeTrace provides you to be in connection with your co-workers, team members or boss. Everyone can make new significant timeboard and share achievements.

** BETA version. Please be patient. We are working to fix all bugs and to release stable version. Thank you for helping us! **

Key Features:

- Keep track of your project from your smartphone or tablet

玩生產應用App|TimeTrace Beta免費|APP試玩

- Save, edit and manage your work progress

- Sync all of your notes across the devices you use

- Organize your goals

玩生產應用App|TimeTrace Beta免費|APP試玩

- Share your progress with co-workers

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