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Tina was a proud turkey, with a flap of skin around her neck much longer and wrinklier than all her friends possessed. Imagine a "Gobble Gobble" so loud that young children ran to their mummies, cats climbed trees and dogs hid behind their owners legs! Yes, Tina was a big feathery bird - a bird you would not want to mess with!

Our story starts with Dorothy the farmer's wife. One day she decided to buy some exotic clover weed in order to fatten up her flock for Christmas. Little did she know that those tasty green pellets contained moo-turkey-compost, a rare and highly powerful ingredient that could make a turkey grow as big as a house!

玩書籍App|Tina the Christmas Turkey免費|APP試玩

玩書籍App|Tina the Christmas Turkey免費|APP試玩

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