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Toddler + Kids Alarm Clock, also called "Alright to Rise," is a simple "alarm clock" that will let toddlers know when it is okay to wake up. Alright to Rise also has a basic white noise sound machine to help your toddler sleep.

Alright to Rise has two modes:

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*NAP MODE: Specify a time in hours and minutes. Use this during the day if you want your toddler to stay in bed for at least a certain amount of time (i.e. 45 minutes)

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*OVERNIGHT MODE: Specify a time in the morning that is OK for your child to wake up (i.e. 7:00am - as opposed to 5:15 when my little one likes to wake!).

In both modes, the "alarm clock" is simply the screen on the phone/tablet coming on to a user-specified color. The screen is completely off while your toddler sleeps and only turns on at the specified time to conserve battery. Consider charging your phone overnight to ensure that it comes on, especially if you are using the sound machine.

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Check out the app screen shots for different ideas to really make the phone glow. One of the screen shots shows what the alarm looks like with a sheet of paper folded over the screen. Water bottles look pretty cool, too!

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It is a good idea to set your phone to silent mode so that any emails or calls you get don't wake up your child.

The sound machine contains four sounds: Plain White Noise, Rain, Storm, and Waves Crashing.

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You have the option to set your alarm colors using a color wheel that includes a wide variety of colors.

玩健康App|Toddler + Kids Alarm Clock免費|APP試玩

The app is free and ad supported. Obviously, the ads are aimed at adults, not kids.

Please email the developer with any questions.

玩健康App|Toddler + Kids Alarm Clock免費|APP試玩

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