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Simple, fun to-do list manager syncs your todo.txt file to Dropbox.

Countless apps and sites store your to-do list in their own proprietary database and file format. But you can open a todo.txt file with every text editor under the sun. Todo.txt for Android manages your to-do list on the go and automatically syncs the file to all your computers and devices via Dropbox.

Future-proof your to-do list and store it in a plain text file YOU control. Todo.txt for Android makes it easy to add, update and prioritize tasks, tag them with project names and contexts, search, filter, and most importantly, mark your tasks complete.


To use this app, you must have a Dropbox account (




With Todo.txt you can:

★ Keep your todo list in a documented, human-readable, plain text format.


★ Save your todo.txt file in Dropbox for access from all your devices.

★ Enter multiple tasks in a single input box.

★ Perform batch updates (complete, prioritize, delete) to multiple selected tasks at once.


★ Quickly filter and group tasks by project or context.

★ Search your list by keyword.

★ Sort your list by priority, date, or line number.


★ See how long a task has been on your list.

★ Archive completed tasks to a done.txt file.

★ Dial a phone number or send an email directly from a task with a phone number or email address in it.


★ Add a single or multiple tasks to your default calendar to create a reminder.

★ Keep your list on your homescreen with a resizable, scrollable widget.

★ Set up optional background sync at an interval you choose.


★ Share selected tasks or the whole list via Android's Share menu.

★ Send text from any other app on your phone, like email, into a new task via Android's Share menu.

★ Enter tasks using Android's "Note to self" Voice Action.


★ Adjust the app's text size via Android's system font size setting.


DROPBOX FULL ACCESS: Requires full access to your Dropbox account so that you can freely choose your todo.txt file's location (and so that other apps can access it as well).


FULL NETWORK ACCESS: To sync to Dropbox.

VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS: To determine whether or not syncing to Dropbox is possible.

RUN AT STARTUP: Only runs at startup if you enable automatic background sync in settings (disabled by default).


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