Togun(moon night)Protector|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|Togun(moon night)Protector免費|APP試玩

♥ If you apply a theme protector will transform both the password and the pattern! : D

In addition to the app protector themes, you can decorate Full Set themes.

Theme World >>

*** How to apply themes ***

- First of all, please install a protector (▶ To install: link address)

- After installing App, enter the app protector, please select the theme that you want.

- You can choose pattern or password whatever you want

*** Special features ***

玩個人化App|Togun(moon night)Protector免費|APP試玩

- Update for brand new themes constantly.

- Can create your own theme.

- Can be set the time for locking.

- Can find your pattern and password, after checking your identification.

*** Notice ***

- Depending on the device capabilities may not apply.

*** Support ***

玩個人化App|Togun(moon night)Protector免費|APP試玩

- Contact : [email protected]

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