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TOPO QUOTE makes requesting 3D scanning price quotes from TOPOMATIKA quick and simple.

3D scanning company TOPOMATIKA d.o.o. distributes and locally (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia...) offers service jobs with the most advanced three-dimensional optical industrial measuring 3D scanner systems from the German manufacturer GOM mbH.

玩工具App|Topo Quote 3D scanning免費|APP試玩

How to use this app:

1) take a good picture of the object (so we know what you want to 3D scan),

玩工具App|Topo Quote 3D scanning免費|APP試玩

2) mark one dimension on that image (AB=?),

3) enter your contact information (so we can get back to you),

玩工具App|Topo Quote 3D scanning免費|APP試玩

4) email us your query with the attached marked picture od the object (WIFI or internet connection is required).

3D scanning offers will be made for GOM ATOS TripleScan 3D scanner and Tritop CMM.

ATOS TripleScan 3D scanner

玩工具App|Topo Quote 3D scanning免費|APP試玩

provides accurate scans with detailed resolution at high speeds. ATOS delivers three-dimensional measurement data and analysis for industrial components such as sheet metal parts, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes, injection molded parts, castings, and more. Instead of measuring single points or with a laser, ATOS captures an object's full surface geometry and primitives precisely in a dense point cloud or polygon mesh (STL).

TRITOP Coordinate measuring machines

is designed to define the exact 3D position of markers and visible features and offers time effective on-site measurement for: quality control of large objects, verification of jigs and fixtures, static deformation analysis...

Results of 3D scanning

玩工具App|Topo Quote 3D scanning免費|APP試玩

are delivered as polygonized STL mesh that can be analyzed with GOM Inspect, a free 3D inspection and STL mesh processing software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds from white light scanners, laser scanners, CTs and other sources. If you need CAD data (IGES, STEP, GEOMAGIC...) you can also order reverse engineering service. High quality of 3D scanned results allows you to directly 3D print copy of your objects!

For more information please visit and

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玩工具App|Topo Quote 3D scanning免費|APP試玩

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