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Track Salah provides you with an opportunity to keep a track of all your Qadah prayers and fulfil your obligation towards their completion, to increase your chances of entering into paradise.

Track Salah is a constant reminder of your duty towards the Almighty. It provides you with a record of all your missed prayers and also allows you to manually change and update the record and count of your Qadah prayers.

玩生活App|Track Salah免費|APP試玩

Using this free application is simple, easy and convenient. All you have to do is enter some required data and Track Salah will help you to accurately maintain and manage a track record of all your pending prayers.

Relying on the entered information provided by the user, Track Salah works as a prayer calculator and takes into consideration your date of birth and the date from when you started offering your obligatory prayers to present to you a track record of all your Qadah prayers (the app uses 12 years old as the standard adolescence age).

玩生活App|Track Salah免費|APP試玩

The Qadah prayer count is categorised on the basis of five obligatory prayers, enabling you to update the status of your Qadah and offered prayers with precision in the future.

Track Salah is an all-inclusive prayer tracking app and calculator that will help you manage and complete your obligatory prayers.

玩生活App|Track Salah免費|APP試玩

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