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玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

After installing, there is no option to 'Open', just apply the theme as directed. Be sure to apply the theme in both 'Classic mode' and '3D mode' separately.

This theme is for Next Launcher 3D. It works with the

">FREE or

玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

">paid versions.

This theme is inspired by the "PCAP" style (replacement for "LCARS") shown on computer consoles and displays in the new Star Trek 2009 and 2013 movies. Whether you are a serious Trekkie / Trekker or just enjoy a nice sci-fi look, you should love this theme.

This theme comes with 9 wallpapers, 5 app drawer wallpapers, 11 icon backgrounds, about 30 icons that replace the app icons in the app drawer, and 100+ icons for replacing icon images on the desktop and folders.


To apply the theme, open the menu in Next Launcher and tap "Themes" then select "installed" then find this theme and apply it. Same procedure in both 'Classic mode' and '3D mode' but must be applied in both.

玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

Recommended settings for 'Classic mode':

■ To get the screen scroll effect in the screenshots, tap the screen slider, then 'Transition' in the popup menu. Click the small icon on the left above the transition examples. (Use the transition you like. It doesn't have to be a cube)

■ To use the custom overlay icons in the 7th screenshot, go to 'Preferences' - 'Screen settings' and uncheck 'Homescreen reference grid' (icons will be displaced if you switch portrait/landscape, add/remove pages or show/hide the status bar. It will also be a lot of work to replicate the same ones if you want consistency on each slide of the home screen. (consider using GO's Multiple Live Wallpaper app for individual screens) Otherwise, it's great for secret apps and looks cool.

■ For a nicer look, hide the icon labels after you learn them.

■ Get the free widgets:

玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

I created a clock, weather and battery skin as a free 'thank you' to my customers.

You need to install Beautiful Widgets. Then create a clock, weather or battery widget and search for my themes in their built in downloader for 'New Trek'. Clock v1-5 are good. There is 1 weather pack and v1+3 of the battery are good (v2 works, but v3 is better)

Beautiful Widgets has a free version that works fine. Search for it in the Play Store.

How to get:

Long press the home screen and choose to add a widget. Choose the 'Beautiful Widget' you like.

玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

In the menu you need to click 'Appearance', 'Clock Theme' (or battery or weather theme) and at the bottom 'Get Themes' in the upper right corner click the search icon and type 'New Trek'

repeat for battery and weather and don't forget to apply the theme. *You will need the Transparent version of the clock skin for the background of the battery widgets.


More by TreKing

to to see many more Trek themes and apps.

玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

This app is only one component of the whole suite to uniformly customize your phone or tablet for all parts of common use.

I also have matching themes for contacts/dialer, sms/messaging, multiple widgets, media player, switches/toggles, status bar, soundboard, keyboard, lockers/lock screens and fonts to provide a complete uniformed makeover of your device.

If you want to get all the latest info on new Trek themes and updates, follow me on twitter @TrekTheme and my facebook page.


玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

Also, PLEASE be sure to rate my apps. Those stars really help and are greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: This application is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Paramount or CBS interactive. Star Trek is a registered trademark and copyright of Paramount Pictures and CBS interactive. This app is NOT an officially licensed Star Trek product and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Also not affiliated with 3G门户 (the 'GO' developers) or any of their subsidiaries in any way.

No Nu / J.J. Trek wars reviews, please.

玩個人化App|Trek: +3D Next Launcher Theme免費|APP試玩

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