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玩書籍App|Twelfth Night FREE免費|APP試玩

The play "Twelfth Night (What You Will)" by the great English playwright William Shakespeare as an e-book app featuring voice output (TextToSpeech).

* English texts

* English voice output

* Modern version

* Archaic version - Folio 1, 1623

This FREE edition of the app includes ads which finance the development. If the ads annoy you or you just want to support this app's development, you can upgrade to the PRO edition which is completely ad-free. Apart from that both versions are equal.

Standalone software - no need for an eBook reader.


* Options menu

+ Help page

+ Settings page

- Text color

- Background color

- Text size

- Text padding

- Reset

+ Link to all iwpSoftware apps

in Android Market

玩書籍App|Twelfth Night FREE免費|APP試玩

+ Go to bookmark

+ Set bookmark

+ Set current image as wallpaper

+ Link to image/item/description

* General features

+ Voice output

(text to speech, TTS)

+ Move to SD card

+ Clickable table of contents

+ English and German

program language

+ Contents rotate


+ Fullscreen images

on/off by long click

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