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You've played as everyone's favorite robot Mr. Android; saved the world from the evil forces of Dr. Kabocha and Rokudou, you've even ended the reign of the infamous Brobots! So what's next??

TwoD_mentia! A mod to the popular Android Game Replica Island.

Putting a unique spin on the characters of Replica Island, TwoD_mentia creates a whole new adventure to enjoy in the palm of your hands.

- Your favorite control schemes are back! Jump, Fly, Squish!

- Discover New Environments & New Enemies!


- Submerse yourself in a dynamic battle of Shadow & Light!

TwoD_mentia stars an unnamed shadow essence that resembles a ball shape, yet can morph itself to overcome various obstacles. Depicted in a world cast in darkness, the cliche roles are reversed in which you must defend the darkness as the forces of Light try to claim the world. Infused with the powers of Light as a Shadow, it rests upon you to find the cause of these events and save your alliance. Don't worry though, you won't be alone! Shadowslime from Replica Island has taken you under (his? hers?)'s.. guidance to show you the ways of being a shadow. Learn well from your fellow shadows, it might be the difference between death and survival!


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Mario Style Gameplay, Action Side-scroller, Replica Island Mod, First Android Game

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