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Arrow Security’s UcheckIt is designed to be used as a man power tracking tool. It can be used in any industry where tracking and physical attendance is required: current examples include the security, hospitality and cleaning industries.

It is highly adaptable due to its ease of use and innovative technology – UcheckIt can be used anywhere a person needs to attend and is responsible for checking an item of interest or importance, then providing auditable proof of attendance which is critical to compliance.

- Sample industry applications include;

# Security – Ensure man power attends a client’s site at regular intervals and reports on an assets status: is it safe, is it secure, has it been damaged and needs follow up?

# Hospitality – Ensure kitchen and supporting staff check easily spoiling item expiry dates or cool room stock by physically attending the fridge or make sure your managers are actively checking the venue for issues by patrolling individual areas and scanning a tag to verify their human attendance.

# Cleaning – Ensure cleaners are regularly attending washrooms and high traffic areas to keep them clean which will help to keep your reputation where it belongs and customer appearance level where it counts.

- GPS Tracking and 'to the second' updates;

UcheckIt has built in GPS location logging capabilities: when a tag is scanned, even in low light using the built in torch, it is uploaded with the operator’s username, date, time, GPS location and tag data which contains the information you specify in the administration portal.

- Get feedback from your troops in the field;

After a tag is scanned, a comments and photo option is presented to the operator which enables users to report on issues immediately in the field by typing information about the issue and including a photo taken in real time.

- Runs Offline so staff can travel to locations beyond connectivity;

UcheckIt will run in an 'offline' mode, allowing users to continue to use the application when visiting locations where no Mobile or Wi-Fi data is available. Once they leave the 'offline area' and the device has connectivity again, all offline data will be uploaded to the administration portal automatically.

- Simple to use;

Open the app on your mobile device; login and your staff are ready to start scanning

Tags can be configured, reported and modified in the administrative portal. Comment and photo data can also be reviewed in the admin portal.

- Managed by you, for you;

UcheckIt is user managed meaning you have full control over your tags label management, allocation, users, locations and sub locations. You can even run your own reports and export the displayed data.

- 100% Australian Made & Owned;

Arrow Security and UcheckIt are 100% Australian made and owned.

- Get more information;

Please contact us for further information or if you would like a demo of the product, we look forward to serving you.



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