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Varied Varied tit (Varied, scientific name: Parus varius) is, birds that are classified in passerine tit family tit genus.

Total length 13-15 cm. Head covered with black feathers, cheeks from the forehead, the light-colored spots enter over the back of the neck. Black band pattern enters through the chest from the bottom beak base (腮). The color of the tail feathers are dark brown. The color of the first column wind off and the next column-style Seth blackish brown, the outer edge of the feather (Haneen) is bluish gray. Amekutsugae or three-column-style cut of color is bluish gray.

The color of the beak is black. The color of the hind limb is bluish gray.

The egg is covered with a white shell, light brown or bluish gray spots to enter.

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玩娛樂App|Varied tit cries免費|APP試玩

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