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Keep your pictures & videos safe and private with Vaulty Stocks.

Vaulty Stocks looks and works just like a real stocks look up app but hides your secret pictures and videos in a personal vault. No one will even know you have anything to hide.

Do you have pictures or videos on your phone that you don't want others to see? Hide pictures & private videos with Vaulty Stocks to keep them protected from prying eyes. Keeping pictures & videos safe, secure and hidden has never been easier!


Top Features


Private Gallery

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Easily hide pictures & videos from your main gallery to prevent accidentally showing too much. Relax when you hand your phone to your friend, coworker or relative knowing that your private media is safely hidden.

Password Protection

Lock Vaulty using a pin or text password to guarantee your privacy.


Vaulty Stocks looks and operates like a stocks look up app unless you enter your secret password.


If someone tries to snoop in your vault and enters the wrong password, Vaulty will catch a picture of them for you using your front camera and save it in your vault for the next time you log in.

Online Backup

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Preserve your precious memories with an automatic online backup of your hidden pictures & videos. If your phone is lost, stolen or broken, Vaulty will restore your vault to your new device.*

Beautiful Viewing Experience

Vaulty is a fast, simple, powerful, private image gallery. With a subtle interface, the focus is on your pictures. Vaulty also has amazing management and organization features such as:

Photo editing

Private camera

玩媒體與影片App|Vaulty Stocks免費|APP試玩


Share hidden pictures & videos

Create & organize albums or folders

Fullscreen Zoom

玩媒體與影片App|Vaulty Stocks免費|APP試玩

Select multiple pictures & videos for easy management

Sort by date, name, size or type

Filter images or videos

Picture & video renaming

Multiple Vaults

玩媒體與影片App|Vaulty Stocks免費|APP試玩

Create more than one vault and set a different password for each. It's a great way to organize pictures or let someone view only some of what you're hiding.

Two easy ways to keep safe:

Select Pictures & Videos to Hide in Vaulty’s Gallery

1. Open Vaulty & tap the Lock icon at the top of the screen

2. Tap an album

玩媒體與影片App|Vaulty Stocks免費|APP試玩

3. Tap thumbnails to select & tap the lock at the top to hide selected pictures & videos

”Share” Pictures & Videos to Hide From Other Apps (gallery, browser, etc.)

1. While viewing a picture or video tap the share icon

2. Select Vaulty from the list of apps to share with

3. Vaulty will remove the pictures & videos from your gallery and hide them safely in your vault

Still not sure, try the free version here

Need help? Visit our website

Permissions explained:

Vault your private gallery pictures to keep safe in Vaulty, the ultimate photo locker and best way to hide it. Hide pictures in Vaulty gallery vault photo locker to keep safe.

Become a beta tester to receive early access to new features and help improve Vaulty Stocks

玩媒體與影片App|Vaulty Stocks免費|APP試玩

*Online backup requires subscription.

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