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玩社交App|Video Downloader For FB免費|APP試玩

Facebook Video Downloader is a perfect tool that Download videos from Facebook to your gallery or to your SD card, you can download videos d/l from any page or any group.

玩社交App|Video Downloader For FB免費|APP試玩

With Video Downloader For Fb you can now download videos and photos from Facebook precisely to your phone and you can watch authority later when there is no Internet connection.

How to use FB App:

1. Login and browse.

3. Play the video you want to download.

4. Click yes to download video d/l.

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FB Video Downloader uses the Facebook(tm) API and is not endorsed or certified by Facebook. All Facebook(tm) logoes and trademarks displayed on this app are property of Facebook.

玩社交App|Video Downloader For FB免費|APP試玩

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