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玩通訊App|VoIP.ms Console License Key免費|APP試玩

This is the license key for VoIP.ms Console. By installing this app on your device you unlock the restricted functionality of the FREE version. You may now...

- Delete and add all types of elements without restrictions

- Gain full access to the Call Log, which means unlimited time spans (not just 14 days) and unlimited Saved Searches. Pick a random month to display.

- Local Caching of Call Log and SMS for faster access, and survival of data even after a DID is canceled with VoIP.ms

- Set up and configure Restricted User Access to the device, which includes hiding selected DIDs and Sub Accounts (great for giving family members locked-down versions of the app)

- Access to all Reseller functions

玩通訊App|VoIP.ms Console License Key免費|APP試玩

- Set up and configure multiple VoIP.ms accounts

- Unlimited VoIP.ms phonebook functionality, including the ability to import from your phone’s native phonebook

- Send an unlimited number of SMS per day

- Ability to use a pop-up window to display incoming SMS

- All SMS and Call Log entries are cached for faster access and guaranteed long-term survival (even if VoIP.ms decides to remove old SMS over time).

- Lifted restrictions on SMS polling times (down to 1 minute per poll, and activate optional “Super Fast” poll boosting)

- Send multi-part SMS of up to 800 characters

- Popup SMS Window can appear over your LOCK SCREEN

- Delete multiple SMS at one time

This license key does nothing ON ITS OWN, but you can install it either before or after the installation of VoIP.ms Console. This app also does not display an icon in your App Drawer, but it does appear in the Manage Apps list and be manipulated from there.

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