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玩音樂App|Voice Recorder免費|APP試玩

Voice recorder is a simple, fun, and easy to use voice recorder. Use it to record meetings, lectures, and personal notes, without time limits!


玩音樂App|Voice Recorder免費|APP試玩

Simple and easy interface

玩音樂App|Voice Recorder免費|APP試玩

Recorder using multiple voice frequencies

Rename audio files

玩音樂App|Voice Recorder免費|APP試玩

Change storage location for recording files

玩音樂App|Voice Recorder免費|APP試玩

Record to WAVE files for lossless recording, MP4 files using AAC (on Gingerbread and higher) for a good balance between quality and size, and 3GP files using AMR to save space. You can even record in the background and control the recorder using a widget, while you do other things!

Voice recorder, sound recorder ,audio recorder

玩音樂App|Voice Recorder免費|APP試玩

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