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Free Version:Volume Preventer

As the name implies, this application will prevent the volume from increasing or decreasing. You may know in Android, Silent mode changes to normal mode when a volume key is pressed. This makes many people to worry. Because without your attention Silent mode changes to normal mode. This application will help you to prevent it and notify you.



You can create your own profile and you can choose what volume to prevent it from Increasing or Decreasing.

Notification Style:

玩工具App|Volume Preventer or Locker免費|APP試玩

You can choose your custom notification style.


*Dialog Box

玩工具App|Volume Preventer or Locker免費|APP試玩

*No Notification (Pro)


You can schedule your profile.


Favorite Widget:

玩工具App|Volume Preventer or Locker免費|APP試玩

You can use Favorite widget to Start or Stop your Favorite profile.

Normal Widget:

To Stop and Start the Volume Preventer.


Notification Auto-Close in X secs.


玩工具App|Volume Preventer or Locker免費|APP試玩

It will request Internet and Network permission for Google Ads.

Support my work by buying pro version of this app.


玩工具App|Volume Preventer or Locker免費|APP試玩

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