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玩社交App|WUSS 2011 for iPad免費|APP試玩

Western Users of SAS Software 2011 or WUSS11 contains Conference Information including: * Find presentation schedule and room locations * Review abstracts by author, or by section * Map of conference rooms and demo area * Follow updated twitter messages about the conference * Take pictures to be included into Tweets* Create personalized conference schedule A Better Mobile Conference Experience: Find the presentation you want to attend and review the abstract at your fingertips while you are on the go. This App is free to users and is optimized for attendees to find information and therefore enrich their conference experience. Personalized Conference Information: Users can search for abstracts by authors, title or section. They can then view the abstract and add to their personalized schedule if desired. The personalized schedule includes the date/time of the presentation along with the section, meeting room, and a map. Social Networking: The attendee can follow twitter messages pertaining to the conference and add messages with the option of inserting a presentation title to their tweets. This is the final version which includes update to the final papers presented at the conference.

玩社交App|WUSS 2011 for iPad免費|APP試玩

玩社交App|WUSS 2011 for iPad免費|APP試玩

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