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玩購物App|Warranty Hotel App免費|APP試玩

Store your warranties, receipts and proof of purchases, so you can find them, when you need them! - Via this app & online at www.WarrantyHotel.com

BUY - buy goods with warranties

CHECK IN – Sign up and check in your certificates.

FIND - find and share your warranties as you please.

Redeem WarrantyHotel codes from Retailers offering WarrantyHotel.

WarrantyHotel is a global consumer service that is currently being launched by Retailers all over the world.

At "Find stores" - you can see who's offering our service. New retailers will be shown automatically.

Retailers offering WarrantyHotel sends all relevant warranty information about each product directly from their store to your WarantyHotel account.

玩購物App|Warranty Hotel App免費|APP試玩

玩購物App|Warranty Hotel App免費|APP試玩

玩購物App|Warranty Hotel App免費|APP試玩

Warranty Hotel App 線上APP手遊玩免費

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