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This app will...

- remind you of Yahrzeit,Yiskor and Shiva observances according to the Hebrew and Gregorian calendar so you never forget.


- help you find the location of your loved one not just with the cemetery. with the GPS Gravesite Routing.

- help you find a Minyan nearby with the assistance of Google Maps

- connect you to a Live Stream Minyan anywhere in the US twice daily through video streaming with the Simulcast feature.

On the morning before an observance a candle will illuminate on your phone's screen as a reminder that a Yahrzeit observance will start that night at sundown.For the next 36 hours, a candle will flicker on the top left corner of your phone's home screen so that you may honor and reminder your loved one.

All loved ones you have listed will appear with a candle burning next to their name on the morning before Yahrzeits. You can also automate this app to send a message to remind everyone.So nobody forgets.

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