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Crypto - The Ultimate Privacy Tool for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger but lacks the possibility to send encrypted messages. This is where Crypto comes in. Use Crypto WhatsApp plugin to send encrypted messages to your WhatsApp friends!

玩通訊App|WhatsApp Crypto免費|APP試玩

No one will be able to decipher the message without the key that has been used to encrypt the message.

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玩通訊App|WhatsApp Crypto免費|APP試玩

* Credit Card numbers

* Bank Accounts

玩通訊App|WhatsApp Crypto免費|APP試玩

* Phone Numbers

* Sensible Data

玩通訊App|WhatsApp Crypto免費|APP試玩

with your WhatsApp contacts!

Protect your privacy and don't let anyone who has access to your phone spy on your communication.

玩通訊App|WhatsApp Crypto免費|APP試玩

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