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玩休閒App|Win A Million免費|APP試玩

The objective of this game is to eliminate all cards, except the last one to leave it for your opponent. The player who is left with the last card loses!

Click in any line on as many cards as you wish, to make them disappear. But remember that you can eliminate cards from one line only!

玩休閒App|Win A Million免費|APP試玩

Once a whole line is eliminated, the game will switch automatically sides for the players, indicated by a change in background color.

If you want to change sides before a whole line is eliminated, you can do so with the colored buttons.

玩休閒App|Win A Million免費|APP試玩

A perfect replacement for games like ~Paper, Scissor, Stone~ to establish who's turn it is...

Have fun and enjoy!

玩休閒App|Win A Million免費|APP試玩

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