Winter Sakura live wallpaper|不限時間玩個人化App

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玩個人化App|Winter Sakura live wallpaper免費|APP試玩

Winter Sakura live wallpaper free interactive enhanced edition version.

Winter Sakura live wallpaper interactive edition is new and enriched - previous versions bugs were fixed.

Application with thematic elements - Sakura and Winter, Snow in general animated scenario.

An animated Winter Sakura live wallpaper application a simple and elegant solution.

Stylish design choice HD graphics.

Application backgrounds were well-chosen according to theme and quality.

Depending on a scenario chosen, user may change background in the settings.

玩個人化App|Winter Sakura live wallpaper免費|APP試玩

User may drag a background with his/her finger on a main screen - all options are shown on screen shots.

Animated additional images change their trajectories when the screen is touched by finger.

Quantity of animations in the application workspace is set in the relevant section of settings.

Application provides for a possibility of putting a front screen saver over the background.

Pressing of a centre of the screen enables sound module.

In the settings you can disable accompanying sounds or control their volume.


玩個人化App|Winter Sakura live wallpaper免費|APP試玩

SETTING ORDER Winter Sakura live wallpaper:

1. Animated wallpaper - download.

2. After application is downloaded, enable wallpaper via its icon or via main menu.

Winter Sakura live wallpaper animated wallpaper is a stylish design and simple solution.

Alive wallpapers offer its users top news on application separate page.

Winter Sakura live wallpaper interactive wallpaper supports using in a horizontal (landscape) layout.

We will be glad to consider all your critical feedback concerning improving quality of our developments.

玩個人化App|Winter Sakura live wallpaper免費|APP試玩

By this publication, Winter Sakura live wallpaper animated wallpaper was tested on all major models of leading devices.

玩個人化App|Winter Sakura live wallpaper免費|APP試玩

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