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World Clock Widget was designed to help plan meetings across multiple time zones. Most time widgets will only show you what the time is right now. World Clock Widget lets you easily see when multiple time zones overlap, in one simple view.

★ Innovative time bar layout.

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ Flags for 245 countries! Email me to add more!

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ Resizeable Widget (For Android 3.1+).

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ Lockscreen Widget (For Android 4.2+).

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ HiRes HD Resolution option for high end tablets.

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ Colours completely customisable.

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ Customisable working hours.

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ No extra CPU usage.

玩旅遊App|World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

★ 4x1 widget shows four time zones at once.

★ Multiple widget support. Add 4 widgets, see 12 time zones at once!

★ Tablet Support. 2x1 and 4x2 widgets for landscape tablets.

**NEW** Support and feedback forum here:

If you have any problems, please either email me, or post a message on the forum.

Trial version available here:

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