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Explaining that you're vegan to your server can be challenging at times, especially if there's a language barrier. In addition to solving that, Your Vegan Card has a "check your drink function" powered by Barnivore, so you can be sure your adult beverage is vegan friendly. Also included is a daily vegan news feed as well as a non vegan items list for those sneaky items that you may not know about. Your Vegan Card displays the following in 7 languages and counting:

Hello, I am vegan.

玩工具App|Your Vegan Card免費|APP試玩

I do not eat certain things.

Would you please be kind and make sure my order does NOT contain & is NOT prepared with:


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chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc.

-Meat Broth

玩工具App|Your Vegan Card免費|APP試玩

chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc.


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cheese, eggs, milk, butter, sour cream, yogurt.

-Worcestershire Sauce

-Fish Sauce



Professionally translated into some of the most widely spoken languages including English, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean Spanish and Thai. More languages are on the way.

玩工具App|Your Vegan Card免費|APP試玩

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