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ZUI Locker, the highest rated material design locker, which would make your screen lock unbelievably beautiful. Efficiency and security is the more users can experience on it.The HD wallpapers will automatically update. Start your new day with one new wonderful picture every day. Different style of theme give you much choice to make your lock screen unique. Carefully designed interaction logic helps you enjoy the visual experience and fluency operation. ZUI Locker is the best lockscreen replacement.It makes your screen smooth and beautiful just like silk.


-Excellent UI: One impressive wallpaper every day. All the wallpapers are carefully picked up by designers daily. Turn on the gravity sensor function and incline your phone, the wallpaper will move slowly from side to side. Expect a pleasant experience every time you open your screen.

-Customization:Different style of theme and layout can make your screen marvelous. You can choose any layout you like and set portrait to show your unique personality.

-Efficient: Launch frequently-used apps on the lock screen. Handle your messages all by gestures.

-Safe: Snap people who enter wrong passwords then email you the proof.

玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

-Considerate: Distance sensor function will prevent the phone from being accidentally turning on, which can avoid misfunction and power consumption.ZUI Locker provide two security choice: your phone will be fully protected by code and gesture-based unlocking.

-Utility: Get music control playback in lock screen directly. Enjoy beautiful music in beautiful scenery.

What's new?

Intruder Selfie

SOS and Compass

RAM Booster

Control Panel

玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

Customize Unlock Portrait

Weather Layout

Music Player Support

Lock Screen Flashlight

Multilanguage Support

Variety Layout

Live Wallpaper daily update

玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

Fluency notification

Pin and pattern

Media Reviews

Good looking alternative lock screen - App4Smart

ZUI Locker is a well-designed screen locker which will present a new amazing wallpaper every day. - Appszoom

ZUI Locker proved an excellent customization option for Android. His background images are amazing, the app has visual quality and is very easy to set up. - Baixiaki

玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

What our users says:

Beauty in the palm of your hand! Love the ease of use, and the awesomeness of my phone after installing great updates too. Thanks dev!-Jerry K

Very smooth,fluency, simple and beautiful lock screen. I like it at the first sight! - md07

I love this app, it is so unique and transform my device in a futuristic cellphone. - Byron DeLa Vega

The best lockscreen app I've tested so far. - e-LUNATIC

A perfect alternative for Go locker. Very smooth and easy to use. - Pookeysgirl

玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

Great This let's my lock screen look amazing I can do whatever I want.-Mikayla Walker

What Permissions Do We Ask For and Why?

- Contacts/SMS/Phone: display calls and messages on your lockscreen

- Photo/Camera: customize your wallpapers & shortcut to snap photos

- GPS & Wi-Fi connection: update the daily wallpapers

- Run at startup: protect your device right after reboot

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玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

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玩個人化App|ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen免費|APP試玩

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