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玩動作App|Zombie Hunter: Devil Crush免費|APP試玩

Zombie Hunter:. Devil Crush, an Zombies game Exclusively for the Google Play Zombie Legends.

Go to the game. Just take up your weapons and kill the evil zombies around as much as possible.

Fire shoot zombies. Kill monsters, bomb them. Them are not best fiends, but the contract killer. Crushing experience.

All kinds of monsters or zombies, some stupid zombies, some ferocious monsters, some mini.

玩動作App|Zombie Hunter: Devil Crush免費|APP試玩

Them will attack and strike you until your blood to zero and into the dead.

The missions data maybe very hard for you, but just play and play it,

Control Characters to be a Zombie Hunter or Dead Trigger

You'll found that you had loved it really.

玩動作App|Zombie Hunter: Devil Crush免費|APP試玩

Each unique scene with endless fun and challenge.

The summoners war is beginning.

★ Features ★

★ Wonderful experience attracting you with exactly control and various actions.

玩動作App|Zombie Hunter: Devil Crush免費|APP試玩

★ Numerous weapons and advanced equips.

★ Bazookas, flamethrowers and other weapons are all available.

★ Various challenges are waiting for you.

★ Select highly skilled hunters, Upgrade the hunter.

玩動作App|Zombie Hunter: Devil Crush免費|APP試玩

★ Choose between Adventure or Arena mode. Test your skills, strategy and stamina to the max!

★ Select your opponents, shield yourself from attacks.

★ Fight your way to the top of the leaderboards

★ Reward the free Coins and Badge, Upgrade weapons, skill and speed.

玩動作App|Zombie Hunter: Devil Crush免費|APP試玩

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