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玩解謎App|aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape免費|APP試玩

You are lost in the middle of woods.

Can you find the way-out from bunch of the mazes over 100?

Just 5 minutes.

Your way-out from all same daily routines to the woods !!

You challenger, try your best.

This will be your the most extreme maze ever.

It is getting bigger and more complicated as you clear the stages !

You are the maze master once you clear all of these stages!

* Greens just like woods

* Sensor

玩解謎App|aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape免費|APP試玩

- You can move the ball without touching it.

Give a shot to see how it is like! My favourite is when it falls from the top.

* Simple handling

- You don't have to directly touch the ball.

Touch anywhere you like and move your finger to the way you want to.

It will go as your finger goes.

- information -

Try again the same stage.

玩解謎App|aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape免費|APP試玩

You will see the same stage but different maps everytime

玩解謎App|aMAZE CLASSIC - Maze Escape免費|APP試玩

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