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Comicpal is a viewer only for comics.

This app is very simple and automated.

*** Features

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

Supports compressed file format(ZIP).

Supports for viewing of the compressed files in a compressed file.

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

Managed by an integrated file explorer.

Bookshelf for the comic series.

Various status about comic files.

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

Dropbox cloud sharing.

Import the files via PC USB.

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

Transfer the files vis bluetooth.

Simple settings.

Supports images like a webtoon(vertical longer).

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

Auto split page view.

Smart tap for page scrolling.

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

Comic Viewer, Simple Comics, DRM Free Comics, Manga Viewer

玩漫畫App|comicpal (comic viewer)免費|APP試玩

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