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The Nexus ebook reader & bookstore for developers:

-- official O'Reilly distributor


-- FREE book preview (20%)

Attention: the books are discounted, but not free!

-- "Missing Manual" books, including one for Motorola XOOM

-- new TidBITS books

-- search full text of all O'Reilly books

-- books for designers of web and mobile apps

玩書籍App|eCarrel Nexus tech books免費|APP試玩

-- native tablet optimization (Honeycomb)

-- EPUB download for personal archival purposes

-- up to date O'Reilly bookstore

-- fast text search across all your books!

-- social networking

-- integrated bookstore in the (GAE) Cloud

fully text searchable for content discovery

-- GitHub integration for code examples (where available)

-- bookmarking

-- integrated secure payment services

玩書籍App|eCarrel Nexus tech books免費|APP試玩

(Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, Paypal)

玩書籍App|eCarrel Nexus tech books免費|APP試玩

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