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eMeat X delivers daily and weekly prices of U.S. market beef cuts using an intuitive graphical interface that displays prices in three different views: 1) prices by historical view showing current and prior two years, 2) prices by grade (e.g. Choice, Select), and 3) prices by sales type (e.g. Negotiated, Forward and Formulated sales). Prices are presented for products for which trade information is published on a regular basis by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


Table with daily price and volume data for subprimals and cuts.

Intuitive graphical interface that displays weighted average prices:

玩商業App|eMeat X免費|APP試玩

Users select subprimals and cuts of interest.

Prices are displayed for Choice and Select grades.

玩商業App|eMeat X免費|APP試玩

Charts can be displayed using daily or weekly series.

Graphical interface with three views:

Historical prices for current and prior two years.

玩商業App|eMeat X免費|APP試玩

Price comparisons between Choice and Select grades.

Price series by sales type (Negotiated Sales, Forward Sales or Formulated Sales).

玩商業App|eMeat X免費|APP試玩

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