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玩工具App|i-Leash 1.1免費|APP試玩

This application program is working with i-Leash Bluetooth device and useful to prevent loss of children and the valuable stuffs, such as bag and pets, etc.

After installation this application program into your smart-phone which is used android OS, when smart-phone and the i-leash become separated more than approximately 30 feet, the smart-phone will alert you.

[ Usage ]

1. Download this application program and install to your smart-phone.

2. Turn ON the Bluetooth in your smart-phone and connect the i-Leash Bluetooth device.

玩工具App|i-Leash 1.1免費|APP試玩

(Settings > System > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth setting : please refer to i-Leash manual)

3. You can enter to setting menu by touching i-Leash icon. Smart keeper service can be enabled and disabled by turning ON/OFF the “Mobile phone Keeper ON” setting menu.

4. By default, alert is same as selected normal bell type of your smart-phone. You can change alert type in “Alarm Sound” setting menu to other sounds or vibration

[ Attention ]

This application program is working with i-Leash Bluetooth device. Please refer to www.i-Leash.net

Because Bluetooth uses ISM band, this can easily have interference from WiFi, Microwave oven or other test equipments. So, sometimes, this program generate alert even though the i-Leash is located nearby. It is not the malfunction.

Having fun !

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