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iFirstAid. First Aid on your iPhone.

iFirstAid Lite is now available on Android! Our FREE, Emergency First Aid assistant which includes essential First Aid topics:


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- Bleeding

玩健康App|iFirstAid Lite免費|APP試玩

- Burns

玩健康App|iFirstAid Lite免費|APP試玩

- Choking

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- Poisoning

It also provides Police, Fire, Ambulance and Poison Information Center numbers for 97 countries, with more coming soon. Each country is linked to the Smart Traveller website so that you can get the most up-to-date travel information for your next adventure

iFirstAid Lite is designed in Australia to meet some of the most harsh and unforgiving conditions on the planet. So you can count on it wherever you are around the globe. It is based on the award winning FIRST AID EMERGENCY HANDBOOK by Survival Emergency Products.

Our new version also allows you to shop our First Aid Store to puchase a wide range of first aid kits and accessories.

Download this potentially life-saving App now! It's FREE!

We hope you enjoy the new layout and functionality and we can't wait to bring you some exciting new features in the near future!

Please Note: iFirstAid Lite is not available in the UK.

玩健康App|iFirstAid Lite免費|APP試玩

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