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The iOSHA e-Reference 29 CFR 1928 Agriculture app provides Health, Safety and Environmental professionals (HS&E;) access to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's regulations under 29 CFR 1903 (Inspections, Citations & Proposed Penalties), 1904 (Recording & Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness) and 1928 on worker health and safety for the Agricultural Industry using their iOS device. Whether in the field or in a meeting, view the latest information from RSS Feeds, along with safety regulations and interpretation letters quickly and easily

Version 2 Features

Application updated for iOS 4.2, with backwards compatibility to 3.1.3

玩書籍App|iOSHA 1928 e-Reference免費|APP試玩

Homepage view of RSS feed for direct viewing of articles within the app

Pick-list search capability by title, subpart and section for drilling down to specific regulations and their letters of interpretation quickly

Keyword search of entire database

玩書籍App|iOSHA 1928 e-Reference免費|APP試玩

Ability to swipe and view all search documents returned within the document viewer

Manage bookmarks to frequently accessed Regulations or Letters of Interpretation

Recent list showing the last ten (10) documents viewed

玩書籍App|iOSHA 1928 e-Reference免費|APP試玩

OSHA’s dirty dozen quick links

玩書籍App|iOSHA 1928 e-Reference免費|APP試玩

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