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玩工具App|iR Remote XBOX ONE免費|APP試玩

Multimedia Infrared Remote Controller for XBOX ONE

YOUR PHONE / TABLET must have an IR transmitter (IR BLASTER)

If you have an Xbox 360 download

iR Remote XBOX 360

With this application you can control your XBOX while watching a DVD or any other media

玩工具App|iR Remote XBOX ONE免費|APP試玩

Remember to point the infrared transmitter to the receiver of your xbox

(approximately behind the eject button!) not to the Kinect

External hardware NOT required and NOT used.

For any problem contact me

tag: Samsung galaxy S4 S5 NOTE 3 htc one

玩工具App|iR Remote XBOX ONE免費|APP試玩

xboxone ir remote dvd Netflix DVD youtube remote controller, no joystick

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