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iSA is brought to you by Think Research.

Instantaneous Self Assessment (ISA) is a subjective workload recording method developed in the UK for use in human-in-the-loop real time simulations. It can be used to ask the user any question repeatedly over a defined period of time. The results over time can then be analysed.

Think Research's iSA allows the user to:

- Define the test question

玩生產應用App|iSA for Android免費|APP試玩

- Select a ratings scale from 1-5, 1-7 or 1-9

- Define the test duration

玩生產應用App|iSA for Android免費|APP試玩

- Define the duration of the prompt interval

- Select other options such as sound alert, visual alert, text definitions.

Every time the prompt screen appears, the user should honestly answer the set question on the scale. The results can then be synchronised with a computer over a wireless network.

Think Research is a Human Factors, Safety and Validation company working in the air traffic research industry.

玩生產應用App|iSA for Android免費|APP試玩

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