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izik is a free search engine app for Android tablets and smartphones -- results are visual, gesture-friendly, and organized into categories. Use our app to make searching on your tablet and smartphone fun and functional!

Features we're crazy about:

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

• NEW! It's not easier to search izik from anywhere on your device.

The blue search bar docks to the right hand side of your device and lets you search from all your apps.

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

It also hides when viewing videos in landscape mode!

• Search results are organized into categories.

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

• Look for izik in your widgets! Use the home screen widget for fast app launches and searches.

• Swipe horizontally to view more results.

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

• Swipe vertically to see more categories.

• Quick answer boxes help you find what you need right away.

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

• Pinch-to-zoom to expand and share results on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit our website

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩


and follow us via @searchizik on Twitter and on Facebook

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩


for tips and tricks and other helpful information.

玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

To learn more about izik, visit our About page:


玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩


玩書籍App|izik search免費|APP試玩

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